Biomed’s rule number 2:

Always, ALWAYS, stop at a doorway and look both ways before you exit. Hospitals work at a different pace, a rhythm that has a mind of its own, and the staff inside hospitals don’t slow down for outsiders.

So before you step forth, look both ways.

I forgot Biomed’s rule number 2, for just a second. I innocently waltzed into the hallway and the world stopped: I didn’t know shoes screeched. Perhaps it was a scream. Her eyes locked with mine. Her hands stiffened. Her breath stopped. Mine did too.

My heart raced.

“Watch it, will ya?” She said with an evil grin. Between us only inches and in her hands a bed pan full of piss. Nasty, yellow, stinking piss. “‘Cause this one is a stinker.”

My heart slowed down. I apologized.

Biomed’s rule number 2: stop and look both ways.