The Challenge: Part Two

So, the challenge was placed in front of me. It was pretty simple, I have to admit, but still it hit me as hard as an bull’s kick. I established a friendship with a female doctor I met in the National Rehabilitation Center after the accident; I can safely say we have the trust to be open about fears and concerns.


One day, she and I spoke of my frustrations: I can’t lift heavy objects any more. The accident rendered my back weak and unresponsive to massive efforts (and I’m 26 years old). She responded with a very interesting question:


Bernard, say you knew that within one year, you will go through the exact same accident, but this time, the consequences would be nefarious. Your condition (hyper lordosis), would snap your spine in two, and you would end in a wheel chair. You will be unable to go to the bathroom, have intercourse and move about independently. 


If you knew that in one year this would happen, what would you do in this year?


I hesitated, I didn’t have the answer.


Whatever it is, just do it. You never know what’s going to happen.


Welcome to the challenge.


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